Are You Living Out Your Purpose?

Aloha, ohana! I’m writing this from the beautiful island of Maui, where I’ve been so fortunate to be attending a naturopathic medicine conference for the past four days. We’ve been eating freshly prepared, delicious local food, enjoying the company of like-minded folks, and of course learning and sharing knowledge with each other. It’s been glorious and my batteries feel fully recharged! That brings me to the topic I want to address today: what recharges your batteries, strengthens your purpose, and brings you together with your support community?

I personally want to help each and every patient at our clinic to do just that — learn to stoke the inner fire that drives them and gives purpose to their lives. My driving purpose is to be of service to others, especially in helping them to achieve excellent health. What’s yours? Maybe yours is in serving others also, like caring for your kids, your aging parents, or the disadvantaged in your community. Maybe it’s building a thriving business, increasing your net worth, and providing for your family’s financial security. Maybe it’s striving for excellence in your sports performance. Maybe it’s staying healthy and fit into retirement so you can travel the world and have adventures, which is another big motivator for me! If we don’t have something emotionally powerful to motivate us, why bother putting in the vigilant effort it takes to be truly healthy in this complicated and stressful world?

I encourage you to take 20-30 minutes today or tomorrow to sit down and write out a list of four really strong motivators that work for you personally. These are the things that you want to achieve so much that they’ll help you find the inner strength to go the extra mile in self care when you’d really rather just phone it in. After you write them down, post them on your bathroom mirror, inside your kitchen cabinet door, or on the dashboard of your car – some place you’ll see them every day. Remember to be specific, so this isn’t just pie in the sky dreaming but something you can truly look forward to achieving, and give it a deadline. For instance, my motivators include traveling to one of my Bucket List destinations every summer — this August my fiancé and I are going to Iceland! Another big motivator for me is to purchase a home with a plot of land that will allow me to have the backyard chickens and garden space I’ve been dreaming of for years. Fingers crossed, that’s happening this Spring. Both of those motivators inspire me to keep learning more, expanding my horizons, staying physically strong, staying spiritually strong, and working to build my practice so I can make it all work financially too.

Being surrounded by naturopaths over the past four days in this glorious natural setting has been so helpful to keep me pointed in the right direction mentally, spiritually, and physically. It reminded me of what’s important in my life and inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing right and improve in areas that need improvement. Is that what your community does for you too? I sure hope so. I can’t imagine being able to succeed in my endeavors without a solid system of support to surround myself with. If you’re missing that, it’s imperative that you seek it out – even if you only get to meet up with them once every month or two. Remember that we’re here at the Center for Natural Healing to serve as part of that community for you. To my patients in particular: please bring your list of motivators to your next appointment with me so I can make sure I’m doing all I can to help you reach your goals. Let’s keep your inner fire burning bright!

By Dr. Lauri Brouwer, NMD
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