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Loving Yourself

February is the month we celebrate love, romantic and otherwise. Hooray for love! Ask yourself this: Could you be truly happy if your romantic partner showed you love on this special day, but neglected you every other day of the year?

5 Ways to Love Yourself

New Year’s resolutions are thought about, discussed and maybe even planned, but rarely are they carried out. In fact, most people with New Year’s resolutions are off track after just one week into the New Year. I don’t want to write another blog on healthy eating and exercise. Rather, I would like to encourage you to start the New Year with intention AND attention to a topic I call self-love.

Expressing Gratitude

Gratitude. You know it’s a healthy mindset to partake in. Plenty of research proves that gratitude can positively impact you relationships, quality of sleep, work productivity and performance, adrenal health and cardiovascular function. We don’t need scientifically backed double blind placebo controlled studies to confirm that the practice of gratitude can have profound positive health outcomes.

Nature’s Anti-Cancer Powerhouses: Antioxidants

Certain unstable chemical compounds called “reactive oxidative species” or “free radicals” create damage in our cells day in and day out, with every breath we take and, yes, every move we make. We call this “oxidative stress.” Antioxidants, as the name would imply, help to counteract this damage. As with many types of stress in our lives, oxidative stress can be beneficial in low amounts but detrimental in high amounts.

Back to School

It’s back to school time and you know what that means — sticky, germy kids will be passing around all kinds of infectious microbes and bringing them home. Yikes! Every parent wants to protect their child from getting ill, missing days of school, and getting the rest of the family sick too — so what are they to do?

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