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Dr. Lauri Brouwer, NMD

Dr. Lauri Brouwer is a naturopathic physician working in Arizona, helping women IN their prime who don’t feel like they’re AT their prime to fuel their inner fire and pursue their burning desires.

Working primarily with women was a natural choice for her. Since her first stirrings of wanting to be a doctor, she wanted to help women like her mother and her friends feel energetic, strong, free from pain, and able to do all they want in their retirement. She also has a burning desire to help women of her own generation and younger achieve and maintain excellent health so they can actively pursue their life’s purpose and have fun doing it.

She is passionate about empowering patients to take charge of their health by educating them about nutrition, lifestyle choices, and optimized hormones, working with them to create programs to achieve their individual goals. In addition to nutrition, lifestyle coaching, and hormone supplementation, she also uses botanical medicine, IV therapies, and ozone treatments.

Spending time working with patients, listening to their concerns, finding solutions to their challenges, and celebrating their triumphs, gives Dr. Brouwer immense satisfaction and fuels her own inner fire.

Women's Health

Helping women with reproductive health, sexual health, and hormonal health

Dr. Brouwer is a doctor who listens

No matter what age you are, women have specific health needs, and I can help you with them.

Diet and Nutrition

Dietary coaching can help you make the transition from sickness to health.

Feel your very best

Do you want to feel your best? Do you want to heal faster? Do you want a natural approach to wellness and aging? Call Dr. Brouwer now.

Botanical Medicine

Using what nature has given us, to live a natural life ful of abundance

Creating a Curative Response

Activate the health nature intended with botanical solutions to health problems.

Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a practical and healthy solution.

Menopause - the easy way!

From menopause to anti-aging, hormone replacement therapy is a treatment that has benefits specifically for you. You can change your life, even when hormones are changing!

Menopause and Women’s Health

Dr. Brouwer is an expert in helping women achieve healthy and supportive hormone levels, both before and after menopause. With treatments ranging from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to nutrition and lifestyle coaching, she can help bring vibrancy back to your life. Her #1 goal is to help you feel great so you can live your most rewarding life.

Why Dr. Brouwer?

  • Dr. Lauri Brouwer is an expert in women’s health and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • She helps correct hormonal imbalances like PMS, PCOS, irregular periods, and other pre-menopausal conditions

  • Dr. Brouwer also helps men to feel strong, youthful, and have energy to spare

  • She is a compassionate listener and skilled, enthusiastic health coach

  • Dr. Brouwer loves to teach others how to enjoy wonderful, healthy foods

  • She can guide you to the right supplements and botanical medicines for optimal health

What Patients Say

I have seen Dr Lauri Brouwer for over 2 years. Her knowledge and experience as an NMD are exceptional. She’s a wonderful caregiver and takes the time to listen to any and all concerns. Her hands on approach allows each patient to have a unique experience. I highly recommend her to all my family and friends.
Carrie S.
Absolutely love Dr. Brouwer! I recommend her to anyone looking for optimal health.
Lori C.
Back in 2013, my hormones were a huge mess! I had hit the bottom both physically and emotionally. I had been to three other physicians seeking help and answers to my many questions, but to no avail. My first appointment with Dr. Brouwer was completely different from all the rest. Right away it was obvious to me that she really cared about my situation. She patiently took the time to listen, to help me to understand what was actually happening with my body, and to put together a plan that met my personal needs. It is because of her that my hormones are now balanced; my outlook on life is positive; and, once again I am happy and productive. I am truly indebted to Dr. Brouwer for her personal interest in me, and her skills as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor.
Stacy S.
I made an appointment with Dr. Lauri Brouwer N.M.D. at Center for Natural Healing and I couldn’t be more pleased. I was treated with genuine care and a great plan in place. I’m very fortunate and feel the universe always has my back and gives me the absolute best in guiding me to my best health and well being for my long term interest. J Grateful …Indeed!
Debbie K.