Expressing Gratitude

Gratitude. You know it’s a healthy mindset to partake in. Plenty of research proves that gratitude can positively impact you relationships, quality of sleep, work productivity and performance, adrenal health and cardiovascular function. We don’t need scientifically backed double blind placebo controlled studies to confirm that the practice of gratitude can have profound positive health outcomes. We know it feels good! Yet many of us are overwhelmed with frustrations that our hectic day-to-day life can present, making it challenging to remember what we are grateful for.

With Thanksgiving upon us, we are reminded this month to be aware of what we are grateful for. Gratitude brings forth more of what you want in life. Cultivating a regular habit of authentic appreciation will create an abundance of health and happiness for you and those closest to you. It does so by helping us become more aware of our actions and therefore, the consistency between our actions and values. When we can clarify our priorities, we can achieve better alignment with what we believe and become more encouraged to change behaviors that are standing in our way from living better day-to-day.

Want more gratitude but find it hard to squeeze time in for daily meditation? As a mom of 3 young babies, I can understand that! I’ve found one simple way of incorporating the daily gratitude practice is by starting the morning or ending the evening reciting out loud, anything and everything that you can think of that you are grateful for. This might only take a few minutes of your time, but can have profound effects on your well-being! Give it a try!

Sometimes we get stuck and routines become stagnant. Our physical health and emotional health start to fall to the way side. In times like this, I also like to turn to acupuncture or IV therapies to help nourish and reconnect the mind and body. Both therapies have their unique methods at removing stagnation, thereby creating an ease of pulsing energy in the body. It gives you a moment in the day that is set aside for the sole purpose of self-care, rest and opportunity to focus on gratitude.

I am grateful for the opportunity to support you on your journey!

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