Honoring the Male Energy

Fathers, this month is to honor YOU. We here at the Center for Natural Healing would like to extend to you a discount on either a first time office visit to establish yourself at our center or a follow up visit.

We know that you are perfect and that you can handle a little fatigue without complaining. Most men surrender though, when their erectile function starts to become compromised and some know to start supporting their aging due to difficulty maintaining a healthy body composition. Still others come because their wives encourage them and often men will say “I didn’t realize how much better I could feel until I started replacing my own hormones”.

For me as a physician, my joy practicing Preventive Aging, comes from several things; 1) the improvement in quality of life for couples is always inspiring with couples claiming that they haven’t had this much fun together since the beginning of their marriage;  2) men who haven’t used erectile enhancement like Viagra or Cialis notice that if they stay with the program they may never need those drugs to perform; 3) prevention of prostate cancer as Dr. Abraham Morgentaler proved in his research; 4) disease reduction in aging with significant reversal and/or prevention of diabetes, memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease, prevention of heart disease and osteoporosis – all as the literature has proven time and time again.

So, there really is no downside… especially since we all know by now that the erroneous negative press on testosterone and men has been retracted from the literature since the ONLY one article suggesting risk was printed backwards. The authors – completely misinterpreted the results of this one study suggesting risk of stroke and heart attack. Crazy because the men in the placebo group had the highest recurrence of stroke and heart attack compared to men on testosterone replacement therapy.

Articles like this give hormone replacement a bad name so please seek care from doctors who understand the literature and the map it has created for us to feel confident in inducing zero risks and only benefits for you during a time when your body simply cannot do what it did in it’s prime. A little assistance goes a really long way.

Blessings to you on this leg of your journey guys,
Dr. Ramsey

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