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It’s June and Father’s Day is coming right up. This has me thinking about the men in my life and how much they mean to me. I do all I can to encourage my father, my son, and my fiancé to foster and protect their health through good habits and proper healthcare – it’s one way I show I care. I’m sure you do the same for the men you love.

Did you know that we treat men of all ages at Center for Natural Healing? Whether it’s helping instill lifelong healthy habits in young men or reinvigorate middle aged and older men, we’re here to help. We assist those of any age to recover from new or old injuries using therapies like acupuncture, prolotherapy, and prolozone. Protecting against chronic diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, and cognitive decline requires ongoing preventive care. For this we can offer health screening tests, nutritional counseling, lifestyle coaching, advice on proper supplementation, and IV or ozone therapies. For disease prevention in middle aged and older men there is almost nothing better than hormone replacement, and we’re happy to provide education on this therapy.

We understand it can be hard for some men to see the importance of visiting a doctor when they don’t feel sick or hurt. This is especially the case when they think that things like aching joints, poor sleep, reduced energy, and less stamina are unavoidable facts of life and aging. This just isn’t true and we want you to help us spread the word. Many forty- or fifty-something men will ignore the quieter signs of low testosterone like weight gain and low energy, not seeking help from a doctor until they need a prescription for that “little blue pill.” By that time, they’ve already traveled down the road toward higher chronic disease risk. Let your husbands, your brothers, and other loved ones know that they can prevent the declining health typically associated with getting older, but they need to start now.

It is our greatest pleasure to help improve the quality of life and longevity of our patients. Show your love and care for the men in your life this June by encouraging them to talk to one of the doctors at Center for Natural Healing. And to all the fathers out there – Happy Father’s Day!

By Dr. Lauri Brouwer, NMD
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