Summer is Here!

Since the heat is such a bummer, we want to offer you 20% off supplements for the month of July! The biggest gift that I could give to you is ideas on how to stay super hydrated during these months. The amount of water that I have found that we all need to stay hydrated is our body weight in ounces (winter months would be half that amount). Believe me that it wasn’t easy working up to this much in the summer but it has made a huge impact on the way I feel – cooler, more energized, improved tolerance of the heat, better workouts and I feel happier. It’s worth the effort and be patient as it doesn’t happen overnight. Just remember that our bodies are 60% water and in the summer we don’t want to drop below this for our quality of life. You are worth the effort and please try to do it with JOY. A good rule of thumb is if you exercise, drink coffee and or alcohol – we double that. If we don’t get enough hydration this summer, we will feel tired and cranky all day. If you stay in-doors and don’t exercise or drink dehydrating drinks and foods you can stick to your body weight in ounces of water per day.

My first suggestion is to identify how much water you need to consume. The next goal is to figure out how you’ll drink that much!!!!

I require eight 32 ounce containers of water per day in the summer. I start my morning off with 32 ounces of water. I put a few tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in mine and take my morning hormones with it. The ACV makes water more hydrating and gives it enzymes to help digest my hormones efficiently before I eat. The reason I start with 32 ounces is because I have to get 260 ounces per day in everyday in the summer – so I start out big. This leaves just 228 ounces to go – 7 more 32 ounce bottles. I fill another glass and put some lemon in it and drink while I’m getting ready for my day. I typically pour my water into a glass as the only time I drink right from the jug is when in yoga. Now I get 3 more glasses ready to bring to work and I flavor them each with something different so it feels like a treat with each new taste.

Here are some of the different hydrating nutrients: salt, minerals, magnesium powder, permeability plus powder (chocolate or vanilla flavored nutrients for our digestion and immune system) branched chain amino acids (BCAA – amino acids that give energy and prevent muscle wasting). By the time I get home from work I’ve had five 32 ounce containers of hydrating fluid with just 3 more to go. I get another BCAA ready and drink 1 hour before yoga, then I refill it with some salt to drink during the class and when I get home there is one more for me to fill up! This is the one I put wine into. 🙂 No, not really, that would ruin the wine!

Enjoy finding creative ways to make water something you look forward to drink and you’ll feel your mood and energy levels skyrocket along with more efficient fat burning.

In Health and Happiness,
Dr. Ramsey

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